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Reduce your stress and relieve pain and discomfort of many soft-tissue complaints. We offer a variety of massage therapy and spa options. Combine your massage therapy with a soak in our steam or cedar sauna, or with a spa treatment for the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Give a Gift of Health to a loved one for his or her birthday, Christmas present or anniversary with our gift certificates. Consider receiving a massage at the same time as your husband, wife, mother, daughter, son with a Couples Massage.

Massage Therapy

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Learn the meaning of real relaxation with a Swedish Relaxation Massage. In just one hour you can feel as rejuvenated as if you have had a full night’s sleep.
60 minutes, $75
90 minutes, $105

Couples Massage

Maximize time spent with a special person and get a massage at the same time! Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. Commonly used by spouses or partners, couples massage is a great way to spend as much time together as possible with friends and family, too.
60 minutes, $75 each
90 minutes, $105 each

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage therapy is a wonderful addition to women’s prenatal care. The benefits of massage can improve overall prenatal health for many pregnant women and studies have shown prenatal massage to reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improve labor outcomes and reduce labor duration. It is also the baby’s first introduction to safe and nurturing touch! Women can begin massage therapy at any point in their pregnancy. Special bolstering techniques are used during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters when lying flat on the back or stomach is no longer an option due to the growing baby. Massage therapy can be incorporated into any woman’s prenatal care routine as an emotional and physical health supplement proven to improve pregnancy outcome and maternal health.
60 minutes: $75
90 minutes, $105

Dimensional Massage Therapy (DMT)

Are you experiencing pain from repetitive actions on the job, or do you suffer from tight muscles? Let our experienced therapists help you unwind your soft-tissue problems and relax your body and mind, in one deep-tissue session or in a series of treatments. Multiple scheduled appointments will receive a discount.
First treatment with evaluation: $100
60 minutes, $85
90 minutes, $125


Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork that literally means “finger pressure.” It shares the same basic principles of Oriental Medicine as Acupuncture, just without the needles. Help your body heal itself by restoring its natural energy flow and become rejuvenated through breath. This holistic treatment is performed while you are fully clothed and lying on the floor on a futon mat. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing should be worn.
60 minutes, $75

Spa Services

Sauna or Steam

30 minutes, $15

Salt Glow & Loofah Sponge Treatment

Exfoliate, Detoxify, Invigorate

The salt glow is an ancient technique in which sea salt is used to exfoliate and invigorate your skin. This treatment assists the skin’s own regenerative processes, aids in the absorption of moisturizers, refines and softens the skin, and creates an all-over healthy glow and radiant shine. Salt acts as a purifier and detoxifying agent, drawing toxins out of the body, and thoroughly cleansing the skin. Highly stimulating to rough, neglected skin, the salt glow with not only tone your skin, it will relax you and release tension in stressed and overworked muscles. Add this treatment to a 30-minute deep tissue massage for total body restoration!
60 minutes, $75
With 30-minute massage, $100

Herbal Wrap

Purify, Relax, Refine

Herbal wraps are said to be the most detoxifying body treatments available—and they are deeply relaxing too. Choose herbs for soothing relaxation or detoxification. The herbal wrap will refine your skin’s pores and give your body an all-over glow. Discover serenity as you are bundled in warm, moist, herb-scented sheets and then cocooned in warm blankets. The herbal treatment tones your body while it calms your mind. This treatment will dissipate 2 to 5 pounds of water weight, so you will look and feel your best for that special event. Especially excellent when combined with deep tissue massage, before or after the wrap to enhance relaxation.
60 minutes, $75
With 30-minute massage, $100

Massage and Spa treatments are available by appointment only. All therapists are licensed through the state of Maine and are members of the American Massage Therapy Association ( Multiple scheduled appointments may be eligible for a discount. Gift certificates are available. Therapists use medical history forms and professional draping. To make appointments or for more information, call 207-832-5531 or email


Nancy W. Dail, B.A., L.M.T., founder and director of Downeast School of Massage, received her academic degree in Health, Arts, and Science from Goddard College in Vermont. She began her professional career in massage in 1974, combining acupuncture, Aikido, and Western massage, the essence of which is the foundation of technique classes at DSM. Nancy maintains a private practice, is nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and is certified in orthopedic massage. Her expertise lies in evaluating posture and repetitive actions that could cause soft-tissue pain and dysfunction. Nancy developed the working philosophy of Dimensional Massage Therapy (DMT) and utilizes her knowledge in art and science to approach each client individually for a holistic treatment. At home in Waldoboro, Nancy reviews books for the industry, has produced A Gift of Touch, the DVD used in the program at DSM, and was the lead author of Kinesiology for Manual Therapies published by McGraw-Hill in January of 2010. She keeps her administrative duties as DSM director in balance by teaching Dimensional Massage Therapy, Kinesiology, Ethics, and other related subjects. Read more about Nancy Dail here and follow links.

Emily Waltz, B.S., L.M.T., is a 2002 graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Marine Biology and a minor in Art. Emily is DSM Director of Admissions, director of Continuing Education, and DSM Store Manager. She graduated from DSM in 2004. Combining her love and knowledge of science, water, and the art of touch, Emily teaches Anatomy, Hydrotherapy, Deep Tissue, Maniken,® and supervises Clinic. In her practice, A Touch of Aquarius, she specializes in Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, is certified in pregnancy massage, and hydrotherapy, and spa treatments.

William L. Dail, B.A., L.M.T. has a degree in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire. He is a graduate of the Downeast School of Massage with a concentration in Shiatsu. William has expanded his knowledge base in bodywork with Deep Tissue with David Lauterstein and Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers. William has worked in collaboration with chiropractic care and at a professional resort spa. He focuses on a dimensional massage approach based on the individual needs of the client and utilizing multiple modalities. William practices out of Downeast Health Spa here in Waldoboro.

Services are provided at the Downeast School of Massage, 99 Moose Meadow Lane, Waldoboro, ME 04572. To make appointments or for more information, call 207-832-5531 or email

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