Career Development

Ethics and business courses prepare students to maintain high standards and achieve success. DSM has a variety of courses to stimulate the business side of the career field. The reality is that after the student has combined art with science, he/she has to figure out how to market, promote, and run a business. The courses in career development are designed to walk the student through this process.

*Career Development Curricula Objective
To introduce information on business skills necessary to be either successfully self-employed or to work with another health professional or health facility.

Business Design (12 Hours)
This course will present basic business management skills including marketing, bookkeeping, insurance billing, and creative ideas for a successful massage practice. Students will learn about target markets and how to advertise and design a basic office layout. A 75% grade average is required to pass Business Design.

Business Panel and Integrating Business (3 Hours)
The business panel is composed of visiting massage therapists and guest speakers who represent their experiences to the students. A moderator keeps the discussion rolling and prepares a set of possible questions and scenarios for the group to discuss. This class gives the student the opportunity to listen to and question experienced massage therapists who have different target markets and a variety of practices in the field of massage therapy and bodywork. The discussion will include information on how massage therapy can be integrated with other health care modalities. Attendance and participation make this class Pass/Fail.

The Art of Public Presentations (3 Hours)
This class centers on how to present information on massage therapy to a group. Students will receive a variety of marketing presentation outlines to help promote their massage therapy practices. All participants will be guided through a seated massage exchange. Public speaking and techniques utilized to help dispel the fear of presenting to a group will be explored. Attendance and participation make this class Pass/Fail.

*Ethics Curriculum Objective
To instill ethics as an integrated philosophy with massage therapy to properly prepare the individual for the professional aspects of the career.

Ethics (9 Hours)
“Ethics is the process by which we sort out what best creates inner and outer harmony in our lives.” Kylea Taylor, The Ethics of Caring. Classes include a lecture on the philosophy and science of ethics and its relationship to massage therapy, clients, and other health professionals. Group participation includes solving ethical dilemmas and presenting “answers” to the entire class for further discussion. Students will be able to define ethics and will explore a variety of codes of ethics from the field of Massage Therapy. Attendance and participation make Ethics Pass/Fail.

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