If the Walls Could Talk

Recently we had a Tracy Walton Oncology Massage Workshop at the Downeast School of Massage and after much reflection of the experience, this poem came to me last night.

If the Walls Could Talk
By Nancy Dail

If the walls could talk
the paint would weep
pain, frustration and cry
relief that compassionate touch provides

Relief to let go, not fight,
to freely absorb nurturing energy.
To somehow regain, refresh, renew
To arise with enough fight
To be a warrior again.

If the walls could talk
they would reflect the joy of
peace, a bright light
bouncing off auras, souls vibrating
frequencies, a quiet hum.

Therapists bolster, quietly support
with grace, strength, a soft touch,
a soothing hand
only giving without judgment

If the walls could talk
they would witness the miracle of transformation.
Pain reduced or dispelled,
frustration expired,
worry becoming mist,
anxiety dissipating .

The air so heavy from fear
evaporates, changes, melts.
Frowns develop into a relaxed visage,
a smile emerges,
and for a time relief embraces the clients.
Therapists sigh.
The work is done.

If the walls could talk,
they would say well done.


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