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The mission of the Downeast School of Massage is to train individuals in the art and science of therapeutic massage for an entry-level professional career, for continuing education, and for personal growth. The program content is based not only on meeting the 500-hour minimum required by most states, but also on our instructors’ and administrators’ years of experience in the field and their understanding of the depth and wide range of knowledge and skills that are necessary for practicing massage in a caring, competent manner.

Open to a holistic philosophy, DSM provides a wide variety of traditional and alternative subjects, giving the students a firm foundation for growth. DSM is committed to expanding with the profession by regularly reviewing and upgrading the school’s curriculum. Our goal is to endeavor to provide the highest quality education to individuals enrolled in our program. DSM wants to promote the field of massage therapy by graduating individuals who have succeeded in fulfilling the program requirements. Therefore, DSM encourages each student to investigate personal growth physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually in a friendly, supportive, country environment. The curriculum at DSM supports our goals and provides student development towards career goals. Each course begins with a syllabus outlining course description, objectives, texts, (required and recommended), evaluation methods, and attendance and make-up policies. The curriculum has been divided into categories of Science and Muscle Courses, Massage & Related Courses, and Career Development Courses to easily access the descriptions presented here.

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