Using Essential Oils
Kate Leigh

Long ago, I learned that many people are interested in essential oils, but do not know where to start. So a couple of Christmases ago, I made up a starter kit, for using these plant medicines in our everyday lives. I enclosed several basic essential oils, very fresh, all organic, and very concentrated, for our pleasure. I also enclosed a small container of herb-infused body oil, as well as an empty spray bottle. These, along with the information on the properties of the oils themselves, will enable anyone to make some simple products that will please our senses, as well as cleanse our environments, and help us to feel well.

The Oils:

There are, of course, dozens of choices of oils. Let us assume that this starter kit will be used by a person undergoing cancer treatment.

Essential oils work well in blends. For example, you might choose to combine lemon and orange, with ravintsara in a blend. Use 3 to 5 drops of each in the sprayer with water, shake, and mist your environment. The oils are fine to use on your skin, in such blends, but not in your eyes!

Another nice blend would be lavender, german chamomile and silver fir. You can be creative with them and experiment, but in an ounce of unscented massage oil, I would suggest adding 5 drops lavender, 1 drop german chamomile, and two drops of silver fir.

If you would like to communicate with me about your oils, you may e mail me at:

You may also find out more about essential oils online, and, by all means, sign up for my weekend aromas class, sponsored by the Downeast School of Massage!!

Kate Leigh

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