Natural Tools Enhance Massage Therapy
By Kate Leigh

Please come experience massage with nature’s tools. We will learn to heat, apply, and maneuver stones and seashells, to enhance the treatments we offer, and to add a special dimension to our work with clients. Together, we will experience the ease that the use of nature’s tools brings to our practice of massage.

Massage with river stones has become popular in recent years. The workshop we are offering differs from other certifications in that we will be developing our own protocols based on our growing understanding of what, energetically, we actually receive from the stones and seashells, as well as from our assessments of the current needs of our clients.
If you have been attracted to using tools in your massage therapy practice and need some guidance and encouragement to get started, this is the class for you. If you already have some skills with the use of stones, we can help expand your horizons. Please bring your questions and some of your favorite tools to show the group.

As time permits, we will look at other ways to bring nature closer to our work and to assist in overcoming common environmental challenges. The use of corn and flax bags, of plant-derived aromatics, and of quartz and other minerals has its place.

Kate Leigh of Midheaven (16 Market Square, Portsmouth, NH 03801) has been practicing massage therapy and aromatherapy for over 23 years. She has been actively involved in developing the inclusion of nature’s tools for the last 15 years. Her article on this topic, from the Massage Therapy Journal, was published in 1993. At age 54, Kate is a self-proclaimed “child of the universe,” and nature speaks to her. She receives guidance from the shells and stones she gathers and arranges. Kate makes learning fun and will share with you a synthesis of enhancements and protocols she has devised over the years. As facilitator, Kate anticipates creativity and originality within each unique group of participants.

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