The Royal ThaiSpa™ Seminar
By Steve Capellini

By now you know the benefits that spa modalities can create for your customers and the extra income they can generate for your practice. But the spa market is quickly becoming saturated. Tired of the same old seaweeds, muds and clays? Discover the powerful ancient ingredients of Royal ThaiSpa™ treatments. Learn signature services once reserved for kings and queens including traditional rose oil foot soaks, exo-thermal sugar scrubs, and of course the hottest new tool in the spa world, therapeutic deep-heating Thai Herbal Balls used for pressure along energetic “Sen” lines in the body and as adjuncts to Swedish manipulations. You will also learn a handful of basic Thai Massage stretches to compliment and enhance these deeply therapeutic treatments. All products are extremely high quality and sourced directly from locals in the Chang Mai area of northern Thailand where I will be traveling this year to work and study. These products are not cheap, but they are the BEST authentic real-deal items you can find. One of the massage oils we will use costs $150 per gallon, for example, but it’s so loaded with powerful essentials and Thai herbal extracts that it’s worth every penny. Do not miss this opportunity to get on the cutting edge of everything Spa with the ThaiSpa™ Seminar. Class includes information on spa setup, design, retail and marketing.

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