The Importance of Retail for Massage Therapists
by Steve Capellini

If you’re like most LMTs, retail is the last thing on your list of things to think about when you think about business. Usually, the first thing you think about is “healing.” Close on healing’s heels is “caring.” And after caring comes “empathy.” And then, of course, there’s…well, you get the idea. Retail, which in most massage therapists’ minds translates into something like “forcing people to buy things,” is way low on the list, if it makes the list at all.

Yet retail is the one avenue that offers you an escape from trading time for money and thus keeping yourself forever limited in your income potential. You may be making more money for each massage given now as compared to when you first started, and in your mind you’re extrapolating that trend to show you will be making WAY more in the future, but by the time you reach that future you will be too burned out to want to do all the work required to earn all the money that your extrapolations project.

Have you ever noticed that the therapists who end up succeeding in the long run are the ones who create something in addition to their hands-on skills? They create a business. They create a book. They create a massage tool. They create (and eventually sell) something of value besides the manipulative powers of their fingers.

The quickest and most straightforward way I know of for an LMT to become acquainted with the powers of retail is to begin offering a few spa modalities along with massage and then sell the products that complete those modalities as part of a home care regime. This is nothing new. Spas sell tens of millions of dollars worth of products to clients day in and day out all over the world. People are clamoring for these items. Why can’t you, the therapist, the healer, the one who cares, benefit from this? The truth is, you can benefit. I can show you how.

I hope you have a chance to make it to the DSM Royal Treatment Spa Workshop this October. Learn the fabulous Paraffin Stone Face Treatment, the Green Tea & Mint Foot Treatment, and several others. Experience them for yourself. See how easy it is to offer these products and others to your clients. It will make them feel better. And it will enrich your life, sending you off on the path toward greater possibilities that you know you deserve.
See you there.
Steve Capellini

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