Streamlining Spa Success
By Steve Capellini

OK, it’s been going on for quite some time now. You probably personally know at least one therapist who has experienced some success by branching out into the spa field. For the past two decades, people have been opening their own spas, incorporating spa services into their massage practices, and joining the ranks of spa employees in record numbers. Just last year was the first time that the industry has shown any signs of leveling out. Growth was consistent, but not as explosive. Now, it appears, all those people who have invested in the spa industry are starting to see some dividends. How can you partake in the feast at this stage?

The single most important thing you can do is get some quality education, because education—most spa professionals would agree—is the key to a profitable future in the maturing spa industry. According to a study commissioned by the International Spa Association (ISPA), “The rapid growth of the industry has created significant competition for scarce qualified resources at all levels. The problem in the industry has shifted away from the size of the labor pool to the quality of the labor pool. In a one-on-one service industry, the image of a business is a direct reflection of the image of its staff. It is critical that spa industry resources be properly trained and developed into qualified professionals to uphold a sterling image for the industry.”

In other words, the labor pool of massage therapists is large. Now it comes down to who is best trained. This is where the Biotone Spa Workshop may give you an advantage. I have been teaching therapists how to get an edge in this industry for fifteen years, and now one of the product suppliers most trusted by therapists has seen the value in this education as well. Together, we have developed a program to give you maximum information and applicability. In addition to all the hands-on learning to master seaweed, clay, herb, mud, and exfoliation treatments, the workshop covers floor plans, marketing, and retail. That’s right: retail. Finally, with Biotone you’ll have an opportunity to offer your clients attractive retail spa products that you can actually believe in therapeutically.

So, bring your drawings, your ideas, and your dreams to share as we work together toward creating that quality workforce that the spa industry is crying out for. At $11.2 billion in sales last year, it’s an industry worth joining.

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