By Steve Capellini

I was recently involved in a Spa Directors Symposium in Portland, Oregon, at which a dozen spa directors voiced their needs regarding massage therapist education. Their concerns effect you whether you plan on applying for a job in one of the over 11,000 spas in the country, or even if you plan to open your own spa one day. The number one concern, and the issue that you perhaps should have uppermost on your mind as you ponder your own possibilities in the spa world, can be summed up in one word: HOSPITALITY. Spas, essentially, are a combination of therapy and hospitality. They are a hybrid beast that must be approached in a unique way if you wish to slay the competition and succeed. This is what the Spa Certification Course offered at DSM is all about. In addition to tips, techniques, contraindications, products and procedures, participants learn about that essential compatibility issue all spa-bound therapists must face sooner or later-how to incorporate the “H” word, hospitality, into their vision of a therapeutic career. It’s tricky, but it can be done.

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