Dimensional Massage Therapy (DMT) is a philosophical approach to bodywork that includes a variety of deep tissue strokes, methods, and techniques designed to balance joints by working on all the muscles that produce, assist in, or oppose the actions of, or stabilize the joint. Included is a careful scrutiny of the individual’s medical history, posture and gait, repetitive actions, and structure.

a close up picture of a woman's face, with the massage therapists hands by her templesIn her workshops, Nancy Dail takes a critical look at how posture and repetitive holding patterns and actions affect soft tissue responses. She presents in-depth lectures on anatomy and kinesiology illustrated with Power Point presentations clearly showing structural perspectives, trigger points, and referred pain patterns for the focus areas. With hands-on practice, Nancy demonstrates DMT techniques on specific muscles and their idiosyncrasies, and the individual structure of the receiving person on the table.

Nancy teaches workshops on DMT and other subjects at the Downeast School of Massage in Waldoboro, Maine, and across the United States and Canada. See her schedule to see where she will be next, or contact her to schedule a workshop.

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“Science is the foundation of your art.” —Nancy Dail