Continuing Education at Downeast School of Massage, Waldoboro, Maine

Ortho-Bionomy® Basic: Spine and Pelvis

October 28, 29, 2017

Sat and Sun, 9:30AM 5:30PM
14 CE Hours
Cost: $350.00 pre-registration, after October 1, $375.00

Ortho-Bionomy® is a form of therapeutic body work which has its roots in Osteopathy and Martial Arts.  It is gentle and noninvasive yet deeply effective.  Using comfortable positioning and movements the body’s own self-correcting reflexes engage and the body moves itself toward balance and health.  This class will cover the history and foundational principles of Ortho-Bionomy®.  Participants will learn and practice techniques for the spine and pelvic girdle including the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, sacrum, ilium and psoas muscle.  With an understanding of the principles and procedure, participants will be able to creatively apply the work to suit specific clients.  This approach provides a tool to work deeply in the body without any discomfort and saves a Massage Therapist’s hands and from strain.   Ortho-Bionomy® is amazingly simple, fun and profound. 

Ortho-Bionomy® is effective with both chronic and acute conditions including:  back pain, whip lash, head ache, athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress and anxiety.  It facilitates improved posture, increased structural balance and range of motion and tends to induce relaxation and a sense of well-being.  

Join accomplished instructor, Cynthia Wood for this practical hands-on course! Participants need tables, linen, and lubrication. If you are flying in for the course, do not worry about a table!

"Would you show water how to run down a hill?  It knows how, it only has to be set free.  The body of man is the same; it knows; so who are we in our practiced intellect to teach it?  It is better it teaches us and we observe the events that follow on.”

--Arthur Lincoln Pauls, DO,  Founder of Ortho-Bionomy®

Ortho-Bionomy is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.Cynthia Wood

Instructor Bio: Cynthia Wood is a Registered Instructor and Advanced Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®.  She studied with Dr. Pauls, the creator of the work.  She was the founder and director of the New England Center for Ortho-Bionomy.  A graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, Cynthia has been in practice since 1989.  In addition to private practice she has worked in a variety of settings including a physical therapy clinic, spa, athletic events, and the Kovler Center for Survivors to the classroom.  She lives outside Boston with her family and practices in Concord and Cambridge, MA.  She is an approved provider of CE Hours by the NCBTMB.

To register or for more information, contact Downeast School of Massage, 207-832-5531 or

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