Continuing Education at Downeast School of Massage, Waldoboro, Maine

CORE Myofascial Therapy Seminar

George KousaleosGeorge Kousaleos, LMT – Founder of CORE Institute
At the Downeast School of Massage on
July 7, 8, 9, 2017

Cost: $425.00 if registered before June 1, 2017, $450.00 after
24 CE hours, 9-6 daily

CORE Myofascial Therapy I is a 3-day, 24 CE seminar that focuses on full-body and region-specific protocols that improve structural and functional integration, increasing flexibility and range-of-movement, restoring balance and optimal movement patterns, while reducing chronic pain patterns. The seminar will focus on fascial anatomy and the role it plays in supporting the optimal health of the muscular and nervous systems.

Day One will teach protocols and techniques for the pelvis, thighs, legs and feet that will start the structural shift towards foundational balance.

Day Two will focus on the paraspinal tissues of the scapular, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and iliofemoral regions improving alignment, balance and flexibility. These “Back Specific” protocols have been used successfully by practitioners who treat chronic back pain, scoliosis, kyphosis, and the recuperation from spinal surgeries.

Day Three will focus on the chest, shoulders, neck, head and face which will increase respiratory function, upper body movement patterns and stimulation of the parasympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system. Client education strategies are utilized each day to increase neurosomatic awareness and functional conditioning.

CORE Myofascial Therapy 2

August 11, 12, 13, 2017
Cost: $425.00 if registered before July 1, 2017, $450.00 after
24 CE hours, 9-6 daily

The final three days of the CORE Myofascial Therapy Certification Course teaches the detailed and specific protocols that improves structural alignment, balance, and functional mobility of critical regions of the body. The focal areas include intrinsic techniques for the myofascial tissues of the scapular, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, gluteal, and cervical regions (Back Specific), as well as specific protocols for the sacrotuberous ligament and pelvic floor (CORE Release), and the ankle, foot, arches and toes (Foot Specific). A certification exam and clinical practicum will be the focus of the final day of this certification course.

Completion of the CORE Myofascial Therapy Certification Course is a prerequisite for participating in the CORE Structural Integration Advanced Program.

CORE Myofascial Therapy has been taught throughout the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany and Greece for the past 25+ years. CORE Myofascial Therapy was developed in 1990 by George Kousaleos, LMT, founder of the CORE Institute in Tallahassee, FL. George has been an international leader in the fields of Structural Integration, Myofascial Therapy and Sports & Performance Bodywork. He has taught at state, regional, national and international conferences and has served as the Vice-Chair of the Florida Board of Massage Therapy (1986-1994), Chair of the National Certification Council (1990-92), Vice-President and Trustee of the Massage Therapy Foundation (1993-2000), and Co-Director of the International Sports Massage Team of the 2004 Athens Olympics. George currently serves as the Director of the CORE Sports Bodywork Team that works with the Florida State University National Championship Football Team since 2011. George has been honored with the AMTA’s President’s Award and was selected in the Charter class of the Massage Hall of Fame.

Read CORE Structural Integration and Myofascial Therapy: A Lifetime of Improving Structure and Function by George P. Kousaleos, LMT

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To register or for more information, contact Downeast School of Massage, 207-832-5531. Register On-Line

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