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Fall 2008 Features: Top Ten Ayurvedic Herbal Massage Treatments (Khalsa), Toxic Exposure (Woods)

Winter 2008 Features: The Miracle of Human Structure and Energy (Lauterstein), Massage Therapy for the Cancer Journey (Walton), Hurting While You Work? Do Something about It! (Agnew)

Fall 2007 Features: Deep Massage and the Renaissance of Touch (Lauterstein)

Spring 2007 Features: Ending Epicondylitis (Agnew), The Royal ThaiSpa™ Seminar (Capellini), The Ethics of Client Communication (Werner)

Winter 2007 Features: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (Sen), Increased Equine
Performance Through Myofascial Release
(Vashro Wyatt), Sizing up Success (King)

Fall 2006 Features: Interdigital (Morton’s) Neuroma: Treatment without Surgery? (Agnew), The Angel in the Marble (Lauterstein), The Ethics of Client Communication (Werner), Cancer and Massage: Loss in Practice (Walton), Pathology and Massage Therapy (Werner)

Spring 2006 Features: The Importance of Retail for Massage Therapists (Capellini), Muscle Memories The Quadratus Lumborum (King), Massage Therapy for People with Cancer: Fear, Healing, and Changes in the Field (Walton)

Winter 2006 Features: Supination and Pronation and Its Effect on the Hip (Agnew), Why Breast Massage? (Curties), Learning Breast Massage (Curties)

Fall 2005 Features: Cancer and Massage: Stories Unfold (Walton), Treating Sciatica: From Hippocrates to CFTE (Agnew), Touch and Be Touched (Leite), Battleground Spa (Capellini)

Spring 2005 Features: Cancer and Massage: Questions for Clients (Walton), Streamlining Spa Success (Capellini), Natural Tools Enhance Massage Therapy (Leigh), Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome (Agnew)

Winter 2005 Features: Why Breast Massage? (Curties), Learning Breast Massage (Curties), An Olympic Adventure (Anagnostis)

Fall 2004 Features: Body Mechanics for Body Practitioners (Midgette & Wyman), Hospitality (Capellini), Learn to Assess & Treat Chronic Soft Tissue Injuries &
(Aitken & Anagnostis), Navigating the Fascial Matrix (Wyman & Midgette), Book Review: Psychology of the Body by Elliot Greene (Dail), Treating Posture Dysfunction of the Upper Extremities (Agnew)

Spring 2004 Features: I have a Dream and It's in My Bones! (Lauterstein), The (Spa) Show Must Go On (Capellini), Treating Cervical and Shoulder Dysfunction (Agnew)

Winter 2003-04 Features include: Massage Therapy and Cancer: What Next? (Tracy Walton), Zero Balancing: The Integration of Energy and Structure (David Lauterstein), Infant Massage & The Power of Touch (Maria Mathias)

Fall 2003 Features include: The Iliopsoas: The Irresistible Center of Existence! (David Lauterstein), Roadmap to Spa Success (Steve Capellini), Treating Low Back Pain: Are You Treating the Symptom? (Tim Agnew)

Spring 2003 Features include: Treating the Golfer (Tim Agnew), The Importance of Bodywork During the Childbearing Years (Kate Jordan), Constructive Rest Position: The Basics of Postural Release and Self Care (Robert K. King), I Know My Dad Loves Me (Maria Mathas), and Nature Tools (Kate Leigh)

Winter 2002-03 Features include: The Heart's Evolution (David Lauterstein)

Fall 2002 Feature articles include: The Kinesiology of the Shoulder (Tim Agnew) and What it Means to Be a Spa Therapist Now (Steve Capellini).